August 28, 2008

Baby Shower

Sunday some sweet ladies from our church threw me a baby shower and it was so nice! There were cute petit fores, lots of cookies, delicious punch, and lots of people came. I was totally not expecting a shower, but a couple of weeks ago a few ladies planned it and I was blown away by their generousity! We receieved many needed items--TONS of diapers and wipes, onesies, bath stuff, it was great! Plus my Mom got to come too, so it was really great to have her meet my friends.

Me and Mom. I was hoping the belly would be in this pic, but oh well. Trust me, it's there in all it's giantness. :)

This little girl is our preacher's daughter, Kathryn. She brought the presents to me and then took them to the women to be passed around. She's a little mother hen!

Here are the other little ones that were there: Molly, Alli Beth, and Harley. They are so sweet.

Some of the ladies that came. The little girl to the far left is in Brian and my Sunday School class. She was so excited to some to the shower.

The lady in the red shirt is Diane Fore who is one of our good friends, and the one to her right with the little girl on her lap is Paige, another good friend. Brian is really good friends with their husbands--Rickey and Scott. They are our go-to's if we need anything. They LOVE Jack, and are currently fighting over who gets to keep him when I go into labor. :)

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