June 11, 2007

The Amazing Ever-changing Jack!

It is truly amazing how much Jack changes from day-to-day! Just in the past two or three days he has found his voice! He usually starts "talking" after he plays for a little while, and if he's a little frustrated about something. He makes all kinds of sounds and he squeals and smiles and laughs, and then he will frown and whine a little. We have been in awe of his little monologes and the last couple nights we'll lay him between us and just watch him. He is amazing!

We've been trying to give him more tummy time lately, even though he HATES it. But it's getting better and he's going for longer stretches now. Today he started bending his knees and getting his booty up some, but his head is still weighing him down. :) I need to be better about putting him on his tummy so he'll get better at lifting his head. He does fine when he's upright, but he's still not too good on his stomach yet.

We have another big travelling weekend ahead. We're going down to the coast (of MS, I have to be more specific now) to see family and I'm so excited! Most of our family down there hasn't even met Jack yet, so they will get to now! Plus, we get to spend some time with Brian's parents and sister who haven't seen Jack since we moved. So he's going to get eaten up!!! It's going to be really fun! I can't wait to see Jack with his great-grandparents!

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