June 7, 2007

Good Ole Rison!

I titled this post "Good ole Rison" because, though we're enjoying it here, I'm getting very Starkville (home) sick. I miss the people so much!!! I don't have any friends here yet, which is hard. That's a prayer request for sure! And even that wouldn't be that bad, but there's NOTHING to do here during the day. So be praying for me, that I would find friends, and find places to go and things to do. I've been trying to think of a hobby I might like too, so any suggestions would be nice.

Anyway...enough whining. We really are doing good--Jack is wonderful and cute and changing every day! He smiles all the time now, and he started kind of squealing and laughing some too! It is PRECIOUS!!! He is amazing! I don't know what I did before he came along. :) I've been trying to find new ways to entertain him, b/c we're both getting a little bored sometimes. Any suggestions there would be much appreciated as well. But he's so fun! And I LOVE watching he and Brian together! It is incredible! Brian is a great daddy. Oh, and I cannot wait until Father's Day--Jack and I have two surprise gifts for Brian and I am bursting to tell him about them. But I WON'T!!! He's going to love them! (If any of you know about them, don't comment about it b/c he might read it.) So...the Chisholms are well.

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Betty Knoll said...

I remember Christina, the talented artist. Why not get out those paints and paint something while Jack is sleeping! A nice quiet activity. Or maybe a pencil sketch of him sleeping! Check out your town for an art group and get together with other artists to inspire each other.
We think of you a lot.

Love to all,
Great Aunt Betty