June 28, 2007

Just Another Day in Paradise!

I've always wanted a family, and as I've thought about having a family those "perfect family moments" would always come to mind. Of course, though family life is incredible, we all know that those "perfect moments" are not a 24/7 thing. More often than not everyone is a little frazzled, a little tired, or a little cranky.

But last night we had an abundance of those allusive blessed moments and I am so thankful!!!!! Jack had just eaten and was wide awake and ready to play, so we laid him on the floor and Brian laid on one side of him, while I laid on the other. We laid there watching him and talking to him as he kicked and squirmed and laughed and talked! He was the cutest thing ever! Every now and then Jack would get really excited and just start kicking like crazy, really really fast, and swinging his arms around and squealing. We just cheered and cheered for him and loved and kissed on him. We had such a good time and laughed so hard! It was definitely a memorable night! I love spending time like that with my two men!!!! Praise God for the blessed life he has given us!

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