June 25, 2007

Jack's New Friend

Just in the last couple of days Jack has started reaching for toys that are held in front of him, which is SO exciting!!! This morning while were playing I held this little dog wrist rattle up in front of his face and he'd move his little hands toward it and try to get it, but miss. He did that a few times before he finally got it and then put it straight into his mouth, of course. After holding it for a few minutes it would fall and we start over again. He really seems to like doing that. And he really likes his new friend, Mr. Dog Rattle. I guess I need to come up with a better name for him. :) Our baby boy is growing and changing like crazy! I love watching him do new things for the first time! Holding Mr. Dog Rattle.
He loves his new friend!
This is what he does when he starts getting tired--puts his hands over his face. How sweet!

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