June 25, 2007

Bath Time!

I usually give Jack his baths, but Brian got to this weekend, and it was so cute! I love taking pictures of the two of them, no matter what they're doing. Jack is so funny when it's bath time. He isn't really enjoying himself yet, but he doesn't hate it either. He just sits there and looks at us, trying to figure out what the warm wet stuff is. We talk and sing to him, and tell him what part of the body we're washing. And he just looks at us. :) He's so cute all wrapped up in his towel. SO PRECIOUS!!!


The Overstreets said...


Bodin Family said...

Rub a Dub Dub Jack is so cute in the tub!

Aunt Besa said...

Jack is so cute I could just pinch those cheeks!! I'm glad you like the banner!!!