June 26, 2007

I <3 BLOGS!!!

I don't know what it is, but lately I have been Blog Obsessed! It seems like I get on here 3 or 4 times a day. And I have been looking at other people's blogs too! They are all so much fun! I now deeply believe that everyone should set up a blog, just so I can go look at them. :) And those of you that have them, please keep updating! I love hearing and seeing what's going on!!!! I thought this teething ring was WAY too big for Jack to play with now, but once he gets it in his hands he loves it! I looks HUGE when he's playing with it.
I've started putting Jack's chest up on the boppy for tummy time. He holds his head up really well like that. When he's just flat on his tummy he just lays there, sometimes with his face planted right in the blanket, so I'm trying other strategies. I'm getting a little anxious about his head control and rolling over and all that. He can't sit in his Bumbo yet and he can't roll over yet. I'm sure it's fine though--how many times have I read that "each baby develops a little bit differently at different rates"--I've got to cool down my Mommy worries sometimes. :)
Jack has been playing with his rattle a lot too. Today he started moving his arms around while holding it. He seems to do something new every day! And there's Mr. Dog Rattle, his friend, next to Jack. hahaha. I'm odd, I know.

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Anonymous said...

Your mom just called and gave us the address to your blog. Jack is BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE the picture of him in his towel all wrapped up. He is just too cute.

I can tell you that my two boys weren't very fond of tummy time either. I paid more attention with Ben (as he was the first) so Ben ended up ok. But, Matt ended up with a flat spot on the back of his head. OOPS!! ;) It wasn't a big deal but the dr said he won't look good bald!! But, just play with Jack and he'll get it. It's so hard not to stress about them! But, really they are pretty resilient!! :)

I hope you are finding some friends and things to do during the day. Do you scrapbook? That's my hobby, but with two kids now it's kind of hard to find the time.

I have the summer off and as much as I LOVE my kids, I am always ready to go back to work in the fall! I will check your blog and you can feel free to email me if you want to!!

Love to you all!
Jennifer Todd your Michigander cousin!! :)