June 21, 2007

Jack's First Trip to the Coast

This past weekend we finally made it down to the Coast to see our family there. We made it an extended weekend so that we could see everyone, and we did see a ton of people. We got to Brian's parents' house Thursday night and Friday we were able to go see Brian's grandpa, who is in the pictures. It was so good to have him meet Jack and hold him! I know he was really proud and really enjoyed himself! We had a good time visiting with him. That afternoon we went to see my Uncle Steven, Aunt Patty, and their daughters Katie and Emily. They had all met jack before, but they hadn't seen him in a while. Then Saturday we spent the whole day with Brian's family at their house. His parents made boiled shrimp and fried coconut shrimp for us that night. It was deeeelicious! I was glad we were able to spend some time with them because they hadn't seen Jack in 7 weeks! Sunday we went to my grandparents' house and spent all day there. It was their first time to meet Jack too, and they love him!!! Of course! :) And Monday we came back home. Woooo it was a good, but long trip. The drive there and back was challenging with a baby. We had a blast and Jack got to meet lots--though not all--of his crazy family members.
Brian's first Father's Day was good. A few weeks ago he got his first present--a fishing pole that he picked out and bought, I haven't even gotten a good look at it yet. :) Last week I gave him his first surprise gift--a photo album with some professional-looking (my mom's friend took them) pictures of Jack and I in it. He really liked it, and I was able to finally tell him about taking them and everything I did when I was in madison a few weeks ago. It's hard to keep secrets! Then sunday I gave him the other surprise gift--a picture frame that says "DAD" with the pictures inside the D's. My dad made it for him, and it came out great. He has it on our dresser. :) I think he had a pretty good day.
Now we're back home for a little while before we head to Starkville next weekend. I'm excited about going back. I haven't been since we moved. Crystal may go that weekend too so we can all hang out! I can't wait!

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Bodin Family said...

I like the new look of your blog.
Jack is so precious and Brian looks really happy posing with his son and his granddad. I'm glad he had a good first Father's Day.