May 20, 2007

Bull's Eye Makeover

Many of you have enjoyed the beauty and majesty of my car, the Saturn, A.K.A. "Bull's Eye," especially after my wreck and she went two-tone. Well, we finally got around to painting her, so now she's perty as can be with a hood the same color as the rest of her. I hated to see the two-tone look go, but it was time. She looks GooooooooooD!

This is Brian's paint booth that he set up in the backyard. It worked really well. I am so glad that Brian knows how to fix and build anything.

Isn't she perty! :)


nchiz said...

The car looks great. Good job.

Bodin Family said...

Bullseye looks good. Brian, you did a great job!

oopscw said...

Ha! I love the Satty!

Jared Verwiel said...

Is there anything that Brian can't do? Glad the car got a make-over, and the house looks great. Keep in touch, seems like Arkansas is working out well for you guys.

Crystal said...

Just a I suspected....Brian IS an alien!

Crystal said...

Don't you mean "Target"?