May 1, 2007

A few cute Jack pics

Brian's sister, Amanda, was such a huge help to us these last few weeks as we got used to our new schedule and ready to move!
Brian and Jack fell asleep together the other morning. It was soooo sweet! I had to take a picture! My two men--I love them so much!
My parents and I gave Jack a bath yesterday and the last two pictures are from that. Is he not the cutest thing ever! But check out his hand in the second one! HAHAHAHAHAHA! We didn't even notice it until we uploaded it from our camera. We laughed soooooooooo hard! He really is sweet, I promise! Hahahahahahahaha!


Elizabeth Bodin said...

My nephew is already taking after his only Uncle Sped! Oh well He is so CUTE!! I miss ya'll and love ya'll so much. Can't wait to come and visit SOON!
Love ya,
Aunt Besa

oopscw said...

Agh...I cried looking at all Jack's photos then laughed outloud b/c of his finger! Miss you all! Claire