May 19, 2007

Jack Learning to Play

Jack is getting bigger and bigger. We see all kinds of changes in him every day, not only is he growing like crazy, but he's learning new stuff all the time. He's started focusing on his toys more and turning to look at us when we talk to him and

he's making more sounds too. He LOVES getting on his play mat and playing with his toys! He will lay there and swing his arms and legs around and accidentally hit the toys. He just smiles and makes cooing sounds. I can tell that he's learning and discovering what his body can do! It's amazing to watch him grow up each day! He'll be 2 months old next week! and WOW do we love him! Sometimes I just want to squeeze and squeeze him! :)


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nchiz said...

Thank you for posting new pictures. Jack just is so cute. His granpa and I can't wait to see him.