May 19, 2007

Exploring Arkansas!

We have been so blessed that Brian has been able to be home a good bit since we moved and we've had time to spend with Jack and in getting settled in. Also, we've been able to travel a little bit and see some of our new state. We've been to Pine Bluff a few times to shop--it has the closest Super WalMart and mall. It also has a few resturaunts and other things to do. It's an OK town, though it's kind of rough especially at night.

This past Thursday, the 17th, we drove to Hot Springs, AR to check it out. We got there and ate luch at a really good pizza place called "Rod's" and then went downtown and walked around with the stroller. It's a really pretty town with some neat little shops. Most of the pictures are near and in the park. We thought it was just a little park in the middle of downtown, but you can go way up these trails to the top of the hill and there is a big overlook and park up there. We started to go all the way up, but it looked like a long way and I didn't have on good walking shoes, plus we had the stroller. We are definitely going back again and we're going all the way up! We saw a spring that was really cool. The sign by it said that the average temp was around 130 degrees. We touched the water and it was HOT!!!! It was weird. Obviously that's where they get the name Hot Springs. :) There are a bunch of bath houses in downtown too where you can bathe and do spa treatments and stuff in the spring water. After the park we drove to the other side of Hot Springs where the mall and restaraunts are. And there's a big lake that is beautiful! It'll be a fun place to go when Jack is bigger and we can really sight-see and he can enjoy it.

This next week we're going to Little Rock to a doctor's appointment for Jack and we're going to make a day of it and check out the big city! Jack will get his first shots :( Poor guy! And then Memorial Day weekend my family and us are going with a group from our church to Petit Jean Mountain. I can't wait to keep on exploring Arkansas! I'll definitely take tons of pictures and post them soon! I'll also have to post some of our house now that Jack's room is put together and we have our decorative things out around the house.

We're relaly enjoying it here! With Brian home so much and all of this travelling, it feels like a big vacation! Praise God for this fun time! We miss Mississippi, but God has granted us so much grace in this new place and we're so thankful!

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