May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend on Petit Jean

My sister, Elizabeth, and I in a rock crevice on the side of a hiking trail. She was hilarious! She was climbing and hopping all over the rocks like a little kid.
Sunday the church group played softball. They let all ages play so my dad, Brian, and my brother, Michael, were playing with little 4-year-olds. It was really fun to watch, and they had a great time. Here's Brian batting.
This is a cave we hiked to called the Rock House cave. It was HUGE, like a big amphitheater. It was such a pretty place.
This is my dad, sister, brother, and our friends from Rison, Rickey and Diane Fore. We hung out and ate at their camper the whole weekend. They are such great people! They are like our parents away from home.
Me (aka Donk-A), Michael (aka Sped), and Elizabeth (aka Hairball)--don't we have lovely nicknames? :)
This was taken at an overlook on the mountain that was incredible! You can see the Arkansas River and for about 40 miles out. It was so beautiful! My brother and sister were hopping around on the rocks like crazy, and I was a nervous wreck, I think that since becoming a mom I worry about safety a whole lot more. I can't imagine what it'll be like when it's Jack out there climbing on the rocks. I'll start praying now. Seriously! :)
Michael and Elizabeth at the overlook.
This is a rock formation along a trail we hiked.
We went to Petit Jean Mountain this weekend. Our church gets a group together every Memorial Day weekend and camps there. We couldn't get a campsite, so we stayed in a house a few miles from where the church group was camped. But we were with them, or hiking around the park the whole time. It was so much fun! We already reserved a campsite for next year. Jack had a great time, he was held pretty much the whole time. He was so good! Saturday night he slept for 6 whole hours! He was exhausted! It was great. We can't wait to go back next year.

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