May 5, 2007

More Cutie Jack

Here are some adorable pictures of Jack's new toothless smile! He smiles a lot after he eats and is playing with us. He loves to kick his little legs, it looks like he's running. And he waves his arms around too. He is still "talking" so much!--we've continued our deep conversations. He is just getting more and more fun every day.
He had a growth spurt or frequency days the last couple days and wanted to eat every two hours which was pretty challenging, but we got through it and he's back on his regular schedule now. His arms and legs are starting to fill out and get chubby and it's sooo cute! We were sure that size 1 diapers would fit him now, but we tried them again and they are still way too big; so he's still in newborn ones.
I've been slowly but surely getting Jack's room in order. I finally got through all of his clothes today and have them ready to go in the attic. He has one HUGE tub full of sizes 3 months thru 12 months and then a medium tub full of 18 to 24 month sizes. He will not go naked Praise the Lord! And the clothes are so cute! We have been so blessed by all of the generous gifts we've received. Jack definitely has more clothing that Brian and I combined! :)
This past week was really good, though it was busy and hectic at first. The house is pretty much in order. Jack's room and the guest room have lots of stuff in them, but the rest of the house and even the garage are relatively organized.
Today is our first full Saturday here and we are getting to see what our street is like with all of the families home. It's really great! There are about 6 or 7 kids outside riding bikes and throwing around a ball right now. Plus the family across the street brought home a new baby girl today, I think that she was born Thursday--exactly 6 weeks after Jack! This is going to be a great place for raising a family! I'm excited. And we go to church for the first time tomorrow which I am excited about. The teaching and the fellowship are going to be awesome to have again!
Another HUGE blessing God has granted us is that Brian hasn't had to go to work full time yet, and he probably won't have to for a while yet. It's been great having him home so much to help me with the house and with Jack. We've been playing with Jack a lot and it's been really fun! One downside to him being home is that he is a person that likes to always be busy and so all this downtime has him pretty stir crazy already! He's been working on organizing the house and garage some, but that only goes so far. Today he started building a headboard for our bed and he's excited about that. I'll have to give him a honey-do list. :)
It's weird being in Arkansas and not Mississippi, but we'll get used to it. So far we like it a lot, and we're doing great!


Jason & Meg said...

He is adorable!!! I love that smile. I am so glad you are settled in. We miss you in Mississippi, but can't wait to come see you.

Bodin Family said...

Nana and Papa-B love that cute little face and those precious smiles. We can't wait to see him again in a few weeks. Give him lots of hugs and kisses for us.

Jared Verwiel said...

Wow! Jack is looking good! Takes after his dad already. I read your comment on my blog page. Just wanted to say thanks for the input and your reply. I wish it wasn't so hard to simply trust God. Brandy and I are praying for you guys, and we hope the transition goes well. Keep in touch.