May 20, 2007

Our New House!!!

I've gotten some requests for pictures of the house, so here are a bunch!
My sweet Mom had this made for Jack and we hung it on the outside of his door. It's so cute!
This is the bookshelf that Brian made for my birthday two years ago and now it's in Jack's room. I really like his room a lot! We're trying to spend more time in there now that it's in order. He takes his daytime naps in his Pack & Play in here. I love all his books and toys and everything. I was so excited to have his room organized!

Here's our kitchen. I absolutely LOVE all the cabinet space. I have several drawers and some cabinets that are still empty. It's great! I have enjoyed cooking in here!
Although we still have the dreaded college guy leather furniture, I like it much better in this house. It also helps SO MUCH that our parents scrubbed it with Magic Erasers and so there's no Lucy hair or dirt or anything on it anymore! YEAH! I actually feel ok about taking a nap on it or folding laundry in here now, which is really nice. We spend all of our time in this room watching TV, getting online, and most of all playing with Jack. I love all of the floor room we have to get down and play with him.

Our room is has beena little neglected. We just sleep and get dressed in here really, so it's for pure convienence (sp?). You can see all the baby stuff on the cedar chest below. That white thing in the middle is a changing pad that is awesome! It folds up and is so easy to clean! We use it like crazy. It's great especially since we don't have a changing table.

Our guest room is my next project. I have to get it in shape this week b/c my family is coming to stay. We sure do have a TON of stuff!


Bodin Family said...

The house looks good, you've been workin hard Christina. We can't wait to see you this weekend. Jack looks so big in these pictures. He is growing so fast.

oopscw said...

Gooooo changing pad!

Crystal said...

You did a great job. The living room looks cozy!