May 28, 2007

It's all about Jack!!!

Jack has found his hands, and plays with them all the time. We think he spotted his feet today, we'll see if he starts playing with them too. SO PRECIOUS!
Here he is smiling at my mom. He got tons of attention this weekend, and ate it up! I feel a little smile deprived, so I'm gonna be stocking up now!
Jack and his wonderful daddy! I love these guys!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture! He still likes being wrapped up, but he busts out of the blanket a lot. This is what he looks like as he is busting out! He looks like he's wearing a toga. :)
Laid back!
Jack and mommy.
This is another picture that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Look at those eyes.

Here are some recent pictures of our Jack man. He's getting so big and is doing all kinds of great stuff! He's even more alert and is focusing on objects now. And his smile is the cutest, most incredible thing! I crave that toothless little smile! These are pictures from the last few days at home and up on Petit Jean Mountain where we went this weekend. Jack loves the mountains and says he wants to go back.


nchiz said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I cannot believe how much Jack has grown. He just keeps getting cuter. We can't wait to see ya'll.

Aunt Manda said...

Awww!!! I cannot wait to see yall and play with my little Jack. I could just squeeze those cheekies.

Jared Verwiel said...

Who knew that Arkansas was such a beautiful place? Not me. Hey, what city do you guys live in?

Crystal said...

He looks mischievous in that toga picture...Like he's saying, "Ha ha suckas, I got my leg out!" Too cute!