May 1, 2007

From Mississippi to Arkansas

We are finally in Rison and getting settled! Praise God! The moving process was very eventful for us, but only by the grace of God are we now here safely and doing so well. The first moving day the horse trailer was broken and so we couldn't use it, of course we didn't discover that until it was completely full. But the guys that helped were so awesome, and they just moved everything to another trailer and Brian was able to take a load that weekend with Kane and Hayden. On the second moving day when we packed up everything else in the house and left for good we haad quite an adventure! First we had trouble finding room for everything and left a few things in Starkville, but that wasn't too bad. We got on the road and when we stopped in Mathiston (30 minutes west of S'ville) for gas, Brian discovered that his truck--which was pulling a packed U-haul trailer--was leaking oil like crazy so we couldn't go any farther in it. So after a few tense minutes we got to a service station that was right next to the gas station. Then Brian and his mom took her car to West Point and got the last remaining U-haul truck while his dad, Jack and I waited. Then we took everything out of the broken truck and put it in the U-haul. Finally we got on the road and after stopping twice to feed Jack we arrived in Rison at around 8:00, only 10 or so hours after we left Starkville--it should have taken 4! But we are here and we LOVE LOVE LOVE our house. Jack really likes his room and can't wait to play football and baseball in our big yard. We've had a few visitors and have met most of our neighbors. Be praying for us as we adjust to all of this change, and that we'd get Brian's truck back soon. We already miss all of our Mississippi friends, we love ya'll!

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