January 5, 2010

Ali Grace's Birthday!!!

A few months late, but hey, better late than never.

Our sweet girl turned one on September 10th, and we had her birthday party at my parents' house in October. We had a great time celebrating her first year with us. And I think she had a pretty good time too.

Ali Grace on her birthday. Look at those leg rolls!!! I could eat her up!Birthday girl in her birthday dress.

Hugs from big brother.

Her sweet flower cake. We had so much fun making her cake for her.


Jack agrees.
She got a purse, a stroller, some cute MSU outfits, and lots of fun stuff.

Our wild little girl is either laughing her head off, or crying it off--it's a second-by-second thing for her. She is such a girl!

One of my faves!

Sweet little momma.

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