January 11, 2010

Our Christmas Decor

Decorating the tree this year was so much fun since Jack was able to help. He had a great time putting all of the little ornaments and jingle bells on the bottom of the tree. You could tell where he did the decorating, because there were several balls hung on one branch. Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of that, I wixh I would have! It was so sweet sharing this tradition with Jack for the first time. It made our tree so much more special.

I enjoy decorating for Christmas more and more each year. This year I did it a little at a time and I like how it turned out. I wanted to do something for an advent calendar, but I wanted it to be as simple as possible. I finally came up with hanging these fabric bags on our garland and putting a piece of paper in each one with a verse on it. We only did 8 of them, and the rest I let Jack hang on the tree. We did most of them, and it was a cute, fun way to do it.

The top of our bookcase. My sister gave me this Nativity Set this year for Christmas. I've been wanting one for a while, and I love it! The details and the colors on it are great, though you can't see it well now. I did the scripture passage, because the blue birds that were up there didn't quite look right to me--not too Christmasey.

Our Christmas cards. I have put these a different place every year, and I decided to tape them around this mirror above our couch this year. It worked pretty well until we ran out of room, which is a good problem to have! I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting Christmas cards! And I like how this looked, I may just do it again next year.

We don't have a fireplace, so I've done our stockings differently each year too. We didn't use them this year, but they were cute here. Although the 2 at the bottom were tucked in beside the TV most of the time so they didn't block the screen. haha :)

Another little Nativity Set and a ceramic tree I got a couple years ago at a garage sale for 5 bucks. I put these on our dining room table.

This was dubbed the "toilet seat wreath" by Brian. I made it out of, not a toilet seat, but a wire coat hanger and paper towel rolls covered with red velvet fabric. The first couple versions were weird looking, but once I added the greenery, pine cones, and ribbon, it looked pretty good. Brian still isn't crazy about it, but I like it.
I think I took some pictures of the outside of our house, but I don't know what happened to them. Or maybe I just imagined that I took them.

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Crystal Garcia said...

ok (don't hate me)I'm not sure about that wreath. It might be a toilet seat...