January 12, 2010

Christmas Morning!!!

We had a relaxing Christmas morning that was great! I was soooo eager to get up and open presents, so I was ready to go at 6:00, but we had to wait for the kids to wake up. Jack got up around 6:30 and Ali Grace at around 7:00 I think, so we just sat around and Brian started making pancakes.
Brian's Mom and Dad got the kids this awesome kitchen. It has been a BIG hit! Aren't they cute with their matching pj's and hats!
Ali's favorite part of the kitchen is the phone--the girl already loves to chatter away on it.

Yummy blueberry pancakes. Brian made them in fun shapes--crosses, christmas trees, stars--for the kids. He's such a sweet daddy!

Jack got a gingerbread man and a tree. Yumm.

Finally we opened presents! Ali Grace had fun ripping and tearing!

Yeah, the pictures got out of order....Here's Brian napping. So peaceful until one of the kids spots him.

Jack reeeeally likes opening presents now! We had to work hard to keep him from opening all of Ali's.
One of Jack's favorites was this wodden train set. He wanted it set up RIGHT AWAY! And he laid down on his floor and played with it for hours. Brian played with him too. And once I walked past Jack's room and Brian was in there by himself playing with it. haha. It was a hit!

Jack also got a football to go with his MSU uniform and helmet. He and Ali Grace throw it aroud a little bit. Luckily they can't throw hard yet.

One of our neighbors gave them each a Disney character--Mickey and Pooh--that they really liked.
Opening presents this year was really different from years before--lots more chaos and fun! We gave the kids just a few fun toys and some books. And we had a great time being together just us on Christmas.

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