January 23, 2010

Knock off Wood and Another Quick Craft

I've been blog-surfing A LOT lately thanks to my sister who sent me a HUGE list of her favorite haunts. A blog that I ran across a couple of days ago that I'm in looooove with is knockoffwood.blogspot.com!!!! The author, Ana, gets the measurements for furniture pieces from Pottery Barn, Land of Nod, and tons of other retailers, figures out how to build them, and them makes step by step plans for anyone to use to build them FOR FREE! I have about 20 pieces that I want to build (have Brian build) right now including a bed for Jack, an activity table and chairs for the kids, and several entertainment centers--I can't pick just one. She has plans for all styles, but mostly the Pottery Barn look, which I LOVE! Hopefully we (Brian) will be able to build Jack a new bed before the new baby arrives, and we might use some of her plans, I'll keep ya'll posted either way! But I'm in LOVE with this site! She's so talented, and is even applying for HGTV's Design Star! SO check her out!

Also, another super-quick craft I did last week was this necklace hanger for myself. I have gotten tired of hunting all over my jewelry box for necklaces, only to find them in a huge tangle! So I had two shutters, and decided to use one of them. I had already painted it blue, hoping to hang it in the living room, but that fell through, so I went for it. All I did was buy a few small screw-in hooks (not the really name at all, but you get it) and after nailing a hole in the shutter, kinda like a pre-drilled hole, I just screwed them in. Then I hammered a picture hook hanger thingy on the back and hung it on the wall. I have already filled it up as you can see--but I might have to evict some of the less-pretty necklaces if I get any new ones soon. I love it!

P.S.-I tried soooo hard to do this all by myself without Brian's help--just because I wanted to--but I hammered the hanger on the back of the shutter so crookedly that he had to step in to get it to hang right. HAHA. I'm pretty scatter-brianed when it comes to getting things level, straight, plumb...whatever. Brian just shakes his head and laughs.


Elizabeth B said...

I love it!!! Congrats on doing most of it yourself. :)

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