January 5, 2010

Too Big Too Fast

Do they really have to grow up so fast?
These two like to watch hunting. Jack's favorite show is "Spirit of the Wild" with Ted Nugent. He is hilarious! "I want to watch Spirit of the Wild Daddy!" he says all the time. And he's tricky too, he wants to watch it soooo bad just when it's time to go to bed. Silly boy!These next pictures were taken at my grandparents' house at Thanksgiving. Ali Grace chased their dog around and around and around the yard and would not give up. This girl is something else!!!
She's saying "NO NO NO NO NO" to the dog. She does this to Jack sometimes. She's sassy for sure.

Hanging our with the fam. Our family is great! They all love Jack and Ali Grace and play with them like crazy. Our kids are so loved!

Big boy. Seriously, do they have to get so big so fast? It's just not suposed to go this fast!

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