January 11, 2010

Baking Crazed

Around Christmas time get baking-crazed and want to bake every single cookie, cake, pie, and roll recipe I can find. I didn't get to them all this year--like I ever have or will--but we did bake a few yummies. Jack, Ali, and I baked gingerbread cookies and chocolate chip cookies together. They really liked the baking, but they LOVED the cookies which lasted a while. They really started looking forward to their once daily cookie snack.
Ali Grace was our supervisor. She runs a tight ship, and expects to be paid in cookies.
Jack was our head pastry chef. He worked so hard, and has the flour on his clothes--and counter--and floor--and face-- to prove it.
OOOOOHHHH I want some more of these! Every year I bake up something to give to our neighbors and friends. I've done banana nut bread and assorted cookies in the past. This year I took a page out of Pioneer Woman's book (literally) and make these delicious delicacies!!!!! I was very intimidated at first, but after making 2 batches of her recipe (that's 14 pans of 6 to 8 rolls each if you're counting), I am an expert! I really enjoyed making these and if I could somehow justify it to myself, I would be making them right this second, and again tomorrow and the next day....etc. If you've never made any of PW's recipes--YOU SHOULD! These rolls are scrumptious, her Pot Roast is incredible, and her Penne ala Betsy is to die for--believe me.
Look at the gooiness!!!!!

Anway....I wrapped them up pretty, put a salt dough ornament on top, and delivered them around Rison. Everyone I talked to said they were really good. And judging by the huge 9X13 pan I made for our family (me and Brian) yes---I must say they were VERRRRY GOOOD!

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