January 11, 2010

Christmas #1

The weekend before Christmas, my parents and sister came to celebrate with us. We relaxed, cooked, ate, opened presents, did crafts, made ornaments, and had a great time around the house. Jack got a ton of MSu garb from my parents! He looks soooo cute in it. GO DAWGS!
Papa always manages to sneak in a nap. Although around here napping on the couch can be hazardous, and will definitely be short. A few minutes after this Jack caught sight of Papa snoring, and started yelling, "Wake up Papa!!!! Wake up Papa!" hehe

Brian and I were able to go out on a date one night while they were here, which was grrrrrrreat! All I have to say is that I LOVE P.F. Chang's! YUM!
Anyway...while we were gone they dressed the kids up in matching pj's and had a photo shoot. They got some some cute pics!

Papa and the kids. So sweet. He loves these little ones!

Ali reeeeallllly wanted to try on the helmet. Of course once it was on she reeeallllly wanted it off--again, such a girl! haha. She's a nut.

Brian tried it on too. I think it's a little bit snug baby! :)

My sister gave Ali Grace this precious little couch which she looooves! She sits and reads on it, climbs all over it, plops down on it, sprawls out on it, and even jumps on it. We haven't founf her sleeping on it yet, but I'm sure it's coming. We do have to be careful where we put it though. If it's too close to the bookshelf when she plops down on it, she hits her head; and if it's too close to the chairs, ottoman, or couch she uses it to climb on the furniture and them stands up and walks around. She has no fear!
We so loved having then come! It was great to sit around and relax and not be rushing to do anything. We made some adorable ornaments that I can't wait to use for years and years! My faves have to be the handprint ornaments I made of the kids' hands. They are precious!!!! (No pictures---I've got to get better at that!)

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