January 30, 2010

Ali Grace's Room

I recently realized that I have posted a ton of pictures of Jack's room, but I don't think I've ever shown any of Ali Grace's. So now since it might be changing a good bit in the future--we're still not sure how we're going to situate the kids when the new baby comes--I'm going to show it to ya'll.

My dad made this for Ali Grace's door.

Her room is also our guest room, so we have a queen size bed in here. I love this bedding, it's a matlesse' comforter that my former boss at Simply Home gave us as a wedding present. I got the three frames above it at Dillards, and painted some branch and bird silhouettes to go in them. I've wanted to do something else on this wall, but haven't figured out what yet. I want to make an upholstered headboard for the bed, so that would help. Maybe one day.

Since we didn't find our whether Ali was a girl or boy when I was expecting, we couldn't get gender-specfic bedding. So we just got a white bumper and when she was born I did a little appliquing of some bird shapes and ribbon on it in pink, green, and white. You can't see it very well anymore because she has squished it down so much, but it's really cute. The paper flowers are from Martha Stewart. My cousin, Emily had a few of them hanging in her room and she gave me the ones she didn't need anymore. Ali likes to look at them. It probably won't be too long before she can reach them, so that will be interesting.

My grandparents gave us this dresser not long after we moved to Rison. I think it's supposed to be a sideboard, but it has been great as Ali Grace's dresser, though the drawers creak and squeak reeeeally bad. I'm thinking about switching this dresser and Jack's sometime in the future--maybe when we move the beds around. The painting leaning against the wall was painted by my Mom at Easely Amused, a paint party place where my sister works. I've been meaning to hang it for a while. I think I want it on the wall it's leaning against, but I'm not sure.

These shelves I found at a garage sale for about 10 dollars. The green ones were already green, but the larger one was blue, so I just slapped some pink paint on it and it was perfect. I orinally had two decorative paper-covered boxes up here, but one refuses to stay up...so.

I have come to really like this room. We don't spend that much time in here because there's not much room to play, but it's been a great room for Ali Grace so far. There are still a few things I want to do in there, but I'm happy with it for now.

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