January 12, 2010

New Years / Christmas #2

We went to Yazoo City for our Chisholm/Merkle holiday get together on New Year's Eve this year. We had our 2nd extended family Christmas there. Jack got a new gun!!! He was very excited and was "shooting" everyone and everything in sight.

He also got a coon-skin hat to wear when he hunts. He's not to fond of it right now, but I think he'll warm up to it. He also got a MSU tricycle!
Ali Grace got a phone--perfect for her--and a tea set. She also got a tu-tu from Aunt Amanda that is precious!

Fishing in the den. He had a blast with his fishing new fishing pole.

He loves to draw, so Grandmama gladly let him sit on her lap and draw away.

Brian's aunt and uncle got Jack this box that opens and makes a ramp for his cars. He loved it and liked sitting and playing with Great-Grandmama.
Each year going to Yazoo City gets more and more fun. This year our entertainment was the Jack and Ali Grace show that played almost non-stop. Great-Grandmama really enjoyed seeing them and getting to play with them and watch them play and run. It got a little loud and crazy at times, but it was great!

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